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Feb 25, 2013 4:00pm PST
different things to say about the film when he was on cnn with piers morgan last week. >> 90% of the contributions to the ideas and the consommation of the plan was canadian. and the movie gives almost full credit to the american c.i.a. and with that exception the movie is very good. but, um, ben affleck's character in the film was only--he was only in tehran a day and a half. and the main hero in my opinion was ken taylor, who was the canadian ambassador, who orchestrated the entire process. >> michael: you know, it may age me or show that i was a dork even when i was a kid but i do remember with in a story that ken taylor's name was everyone where. you heard for a week whatever that news cycle was you heard ken taylor all the time. i understand what president carter is staying that the canadians did not get enough credit. what would a c.i.a. movie be without michael solomon and lindsay moran. i'll go to you first lindsay how do you feel about president carter saying that the c.i.a. was overcreditted for the work they did on this? >> first of all it's the c.i.a. and it's hol
Jan 31, 2013 4:00pm PST
. an interesting thing has happened. the naacp has come out against that soda ban. hazel dukes explains why to cnn. >> we are not for sugary drinks. we applaud the mayor when he took sugary drinks out of our public school system, but as the bans stand now it's fought a level playing field. there's an economic, the small business and the mom and pop stores in our community will be punished, while the chain stores cancel as they want to. we are saying there's a holistic approach that we need to take to obesity. >> she makes an excellent point when she points out this does impact pom and pop shops not chain stores like 7/11's, because they are regulated by the state, not the cities and counties. she makes a strong point. however, obesity impacts minorities disproportionately. it is explained how obesity impacts certain areas as opposed to others. >> where you live matters and it matters a lot. another way of putting this is that your zip code matters more than your genetic code. baltimore has a census track down near the inner harbor with a life expectancy of 62 years and another up in northern balti
Feb 27, 2013 4:00pm PST
the least. cnn has the report from the italian newspapers that may get closer to reality as to why the pope is stepping aside. >> digregorio is one of two journalists who have reported on allegations of vatican corruption of blackmail of clergy members by male prostitutes. sex and blackmailed careers are behind benedict xvi's resignation. >> that gets closer to reality if you ask me. we'll go to matthew fox a catholic preach for 34 years but pope benedict kicked him out of the church, now's an episcopalian, and author of the book ott pope's war." "the pope's war." thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> cenk: why do you think the pope is stepping down. >> i agree he says he's unhealthy and he's tired. i believe him at 84 with all these scandals that are unveiling themselves at this time. but he's been attacking theologians, and 104 others that i named in the book. he brought the inquisition back with the complete approval of the previous pope. that was his life's work. i think he would be tired, too. he should do a little repenting before hey meets his maker. >> cenk: it's interesting
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3